Rhythm - Weekly Prayer

Rhythm - Weekly Prayer

Our Rhythm journey is continuing with weekly prayer on Wednesdays at 6pm! Join us for thirty minutes of prayer with dispersed LGBT+ Christians, as we seek to find a space to pray and fellowship together online.

Rhythm is providing a space for LGBT+ community, drawing on monastic tradition by valuing the richness of creating a daily rhythm that encourages us to commune with God, commune with ourselves, and commune with others.

You can learn more about Rhythm by taking a look at our "rule of life" document available here

If you'd like to join us for weekly prayer, please email hello@onebodyonefaith.org.uk for access to the Zoom link.

If you have any more questions, then we'd love to hear from you! Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to explore what Rhythm means for us a dispersed community.