Our Partners and Allies

Our Partners and Allies

OneBodyOneFaith is just one of a number of groups, locally, nationally and internationally, working for LGBT inclusion - because the challenges and opportunitites are numerous, and there's no 'one size fits all'.  You'll find details of local groups and spaces here, but there are also some national, online and denominational groups you might like to connect with.  Here are some of our favourites:

Ecumenical groups:

Two23 is a gathering of LGBT+ Christians which meets 5 times a year in London for worship, to hear speakers and to enjoy one another's company.  Most but by no means all of their members are from an evangelical background, so if this is the kind of worship and fellowship you enjoy, seek them out.  If you're new, contact them online and let them know it's your first meeting, and they'll look out for you and make you especially welcome.

Diverse Church is a confidential network of LGBT+ Christians between the ages of 18 and 30.  Some of their members find themselves in conservative churches and so DC tries to make their space as 'safe' as possible for those who might be vulnerable.  They're a supportive, growing community with local hubs.  Find out more on their website - including details of their group for parents of LGBT+ children.

Diverse Church + has grown out of Diverse Church and - no surprises here! - it's an online community for people between 30 and....wherever!  

LEFT:  Lesbians Exploring Faith Together is a network of women exploring (Christian) faith, most of whom identify as non-heterosexual and women, but by no means all.  LEFT grew out of LGCM's women's gathering, and has been meeting for around 12 years now.  They hold a spring retreat, an autumn social weekend and 2 or 3 theology days a year.  In addition, members meet informally for lunch once a month in central London.  Top tip:  to get the most out of LEFT, you need to join their mailing list.

Outerspace is a group of LGBT+ people who meet each August at the Greenbelt festival, very informally.  There is usually a communion service, a social and the opportunity simply to meet and spend time with other LGBT+ people in an environment where that's completely normalised.  How refreshing!  Outerspace has a very basic website and can be contacted through Facebook, but you can find out lots more about Greenbelt here.  

Sybils is a confidential Christian spirituality group for transgender people, their partners and supporters.  They hold a number of retreats and quiet days each year as well as meeting monthly in the evening in central London.  Lots more information on their website - and in their book 'This is My Body'.  

TranschristianUK is a lively Facebook forum for trans and intersex Christians, which is linked to Sybils.  More details on the TransChristian website.  

Open Table is a gathering for worhsip and fellowship, aimed at the LGBT+ communities.  If began in Liverpool but has since been picked up by churches across the UK - mainly because it's a remarkably simple but powerful expression of inclusive love in action, and because the founders, Kieron and Warren, are passionate and generous in sharing their vision More details on their website, including information about the dates, times and meeting places of the current groups, and details of how you can join the network.

Denominational groups

QUEST is the national group for LGBT+ Roman Catholics.  They have a number of local groups, and a national conference each summer, as well as a website full of excellent resources.

Dignity and Worth is the group working for the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the Methodist church.  

Affirm is the network for Baptists seeking inclusion and affirmation in their denomination.  They're a great source of support if your church is seeking to engage in the process of registering to conduct same-sex marriages, and also have links to other online spaces, if you contact them.  


For other supportive networks globally, pleade do take a look at the Safe Space Alliance, who we are now a registered partner with.


THE BIG SMALL PRINT  It's really important to bear in mind that we LGBT+ Christians come in all shapes and sizes, with differing life expereinces, faith perspectives, gifts, callings and bits still waiting to be worked on by the Lord.  So the groups and networks we've offered here are the ones we've worked and continue to work with, and other people have found helpful, supportive and affirming.  But - they might not meet all of your needs.  You might find that you need a 'portfolio' approach - that you belong and contribute to a number of groups, and that those groups change over time as you too change and grow.

Do let us know if we've missed anyone - we really value your feedback.