Amazing Love Study Resource

Amazing Love Study Resource

OneBodyOneFaith is an organisation driven for and by our members, and as such we want to give back to you – our dedicated supporters.

With the launch of our new members area, dedicated resources will now be available to our members as part of your annual subscription costs. To get the ball rolling on this, we’re launching our new video series and study guide: Amazing Love, on Friday 27th September!

This six session resource will use themes based on the book of the same name by Andrew Davison, where users will be able to engage with conversational pieces in the video resource, and written prompts and suggestions in the study guide. This resource is ideal for churches who want to know how they can take their steps towards inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ+ people to the next level, and offers powerful and thoughtful insights from the lived experience of LGBTQ+ people – something churches often neglect to include in their discussions.

The resources in the members area will continue to grow as we curate and create new material that we believe will continue to enable and equip our members on the grassroots level who are bringing about powerful change in their local church communities.

And if you’re not a member, why not JOIN today to get access to this exciting new material and more on the 27th September!