OneBodyOneFaith Welcomes Accepting Evangelicals

OneBodyOneFaith Welcomes Accepting Evangelicals

OneBodyOneFaith is delighted to welcome the positive work and legacy of Accepting Evangelicals into our dynamic and evolving ministry: to empower LGBT+ Christians and advocate for change.

After consultation with their steering group, the Trustee team of Accepting Evangelicals unanimously agreed to continue the transformative ministry begun by the Revd. Benny Hazlehurst within the ongoing work of OneBodyOneFaith.

Luke Dowding, Executive Director of OneBodyOneFaith, is hopeful that this renewed and reworked relationship speaks to a broader undercurrent in the work for securing LGBT+ equality and affirmation in our churches:

“Partnerships are vital to any charity in any sector, but they are especially so to those of us on the margins of the church. This opportunity, to celebrate the ministry of Benny Hazlehurst and Accepting Evangelicals, and look purposefully ahead as one body is remarkable – the foundations for which were set in place before my tenure. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming new faces to the growing membership of OneBodyOneFaith and in particular to working with Jeremy Marks to ensure that the legacy of Accepting Evangelicals is appropriately remembered and built upon. OneBodyOneFaith, as we now know it, was born of a partnership between LGCM and Changing Attitude England, and I’m confident that this step will produce equally dynamic results.”

Jeremy Marks of Accepting Evangelicals and Courage will serve in an advisory capacity to the Trustees of OneBodyOneFaith during this period of transition[1]. Jeremy shared these sentiments in marking this next chapter:

“The Revd Benny Hazlehurst was not only an excellent pastor, church leader and teacher, he was a true prophet. His vision for the work, known as Accepting Evangelicals, began 17 years ago, resulting in 10 years of dedicated work to demonstrate that it is possible to be an evangelical Bible-believing Christian and fully support the integration of LGBT+ people into the Church. His death in December 2018 is a huge loss to so many of us. Those of us who supported Benny by becoming trustees of the small charity he founded in 2010, wish to ensure that his vision is upheld. With this in mind, the trustees of Accepting Evangelicals have agreed that coming under the auspices of OneBodyOneFaith will be the best way to ensure that Benny’s legacy is remembered and continues to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.”

We give thanks for the ministry and advocacy of those who have gone before us and look ahead to the future in prayer.

Subscribers and supporters of Accepting Evangelicals who are not already members of OneBodyOneFaith will be eligible for a 50% discount on their first year of membership.

For questions or further comment please contact the OneBodyOneFaith office via email: A downloadable version of this statement can be found HERE.



[1] There will be no operational, staffing, or Trustee changes to OneBodyOneFaith as a result of this partnership.