This Is My Body - A Story of Sickness and Health


This is My Body is a compelling and unforgettably powerful story of trauma, illness, recovery and transformation, told with honesty, courage and resilient good humour. 

Jennie Hogan, an Anglican priest, has a history of brain injury and illness going back to childhood. In this book, memories of the athletic, competetive and fun-loving schoolgirl  jostle alongside accounts of invasive emergency medical treatments and the long processes of recovery. She reflects on what it means to live with uncertainty, to become reconciled with a new identy, and how trust and hope can be regained. She describes how a vocation flowered despite the odds. 

Jennie draws on her experience and her beliefs to pose challenging questions about our relationships with our bodies in an age that is obsessed with body image and physical perfection. She explores the nature of faith in times of crisis, the reality of pain and disability, and what it means to be human and vulnerable, yet made in the image of God. 

Jennie Hogan is a University Chaplain at Goodenough College in London, and Assistant Priest at St George's Bloomsbury. She is a contributor to the Church Times. 

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