Trans Day of Remembrance

Trans Day of Remembrance

Trustee, George White, offers a prayer for Trans Day of Remembrance here. The text for this prayer can be found at the bottom of this page.

Open Table and St Brides, Liverpool, will be marking the end of Trans Awareness week on Sunday 19 November with a talk by Revd. Sr. Alex Clare-Young and special service. If you are unable to attend in-person then you can attend via Zoom. You can find more details here.

St Nicholas Church, Leciester will hold a dedicated serviuce of prayer and reflection on Sunday 19 November with details here:

The Student Christian Movement will be holding a vigil via Teams on Monday 20 November. Find out more details and register here.

Susan Gilchrist offers a Service and Reflection for the 2023 Transgender Day of Remembrance with further information here:
Gilchrist, Susan. (2023): " Reflection for the Transgender Day of Remembrance:  20 November 2023":
Gilchrist, Susan. (2023): "Service for the Transgender Day of Remembrance:  20 November 2023":
List of Deaths: 
Service and Reflection videos:
An editable text version of the Liturgy is also available:



The prayer from George White reads:

Transgender day of remembrance is a day where we remember the lives of trans people who we have lost to suicide or to violence.

Please join your prayers with ours at OneBodyOneFaith.

We pray that all people are recognised as being made in the image of God.

We pray for all those who have passed, may they rest in peace.

We pray for an end to discrimination of trans people.