Rhythm Retreat

Rhythm Retreat

“I have glimpsed a God who sings, dances and laughs with us.  Life Affirming Faith.”

This was one participant’s response to our first in person day retreat that we held in Manchester.  Taking one of the themes of the Song of Songs as coming away from the everyday and making space to encounter God and ourselves we explored how important it is for us to create space in our lives.  In a safe and relaxed environment we thought about how God delights in us as wonderfully and fearfully created and wants us to play and enjoy ourselves, our world, and our faith.  As LGBT+ Christians we were able to explore the gift of our sexuality and how that weaved into our faith.

Rev, Jide Macaulay further says: Rhythm Retreat offered a sanctuary for LGBTIQ Christians and believers to find solace and recharge their minds, bodies, and spirits. In my role as a facilitator, I found immense value in both giving and receiving grace during the event. 

During my presentation, I guided participants on a captivating journey into the realm of "Eledumare," the almighty God in Yoruba, sharing narratives that beautifully intertwined with African spirituality and cultures.  I invited everyone to join the resonating chant, "Wa wa wa emi mimo," inviting the Holy Spirit to join us in our spiritual exploration.

The day unfolded serenely, providing the perfect atmosphere for relaxation as we had the opportunity to spend time at The Proud Trust's premises, complete with a rooftop garden where participants could find refuge and delight in their surroundings.


Sometimes it is only when we stop and inhabit that space that we realise how much we needed it, as another person commented, “I had not anticipated how much I needed today.  The ability to release, reflect and renew was awesome.”  As part of developing our Rhythm offering we will be looking at holding more retreats across the country and possibly online in 2024.  These are offered to members and non-members but for early notice and discounted booking rates why not join today?