Pride T-Shirt Testimonials

Testimonials about the benefits of wearing a Christians at Pride t-shirt at your Pride event:

"We decided to have a Christian Presence at this year’s pride event.  It was the first time that there had been a Christian presence there.  Relationships between the LGBT community and some of the churches had not always been good.  Even though our church was very inclusive and had several LGBT people in the congregation we wanted to make sure everyone knew that we were friendly and affirming.  So, buying Christians at Pride T-shirts was a very important spending priority for us.  We bought a shirt for each of our volunteers. 

It meant that whether we were on our stall or going around the site or visiting other stalls that everyone knew we were supportive.  It helped to break down the barriers and let us have some really deep and meaningful conversations about faith and affirming churches.

My number one piece of advice to anyone wanting to do Christian witness at Pride would be to wear the Christians at Pride T-shirts." Leicester Pride 2017


"After Pride, we picked up our bicycles from where we had left them and popped into Morrisons as we needed some things. I waited outside with our bicycles while my husband went for the groceries, and a man approached me who had obviously noticed my t-shirt. Anyway, we had a conversation and unfortunately, I had not bought any of the Rainbow Eucharist invitations with me.

But in some ways that was beside the point, which was that the conversation would never have happened were it not for the purple shirts; so really the impact of these has been quite exceptional!"


"I was driving home from Pride and I called in my local Sainsbury’s.  A woman at the checkout saw my Christians at Pride T-shirt and my clerical collar and gave me a strange look, so I started talking to her.  She had a real problem with the church over the way a member of her family had been treated.  She couldn’t believe that there were clergy who were supportive of LGBT people.  She doesn’t have a problem with the church anymore!"