Membership Policy

OneBodyOneFaith membership policy

Membership shall be open to any individual giving their assent to OneBodyOneFaith’s Statement of Conviction.  In line with the charity’s governing documents, membership is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.  

Membership may be declined or withdrawn, but only where:

  • an individual’s words, actions or association with other groups are in clear conflict with OneBodyOneFaith’s Statement of Conviction
  • an individual’s words or actions risk causing avoidable and significant harm to other members
  • an individual’s words or actions risk harming the reputation or effectiveness of the charity
  • membership confers upon an individual credibility by association which could facilitate their potentially harming others

The Chief Executive should refer all cases where are such concerns to the Standing Committee of the Board in the first instance.

Decisions to decline or withdraw membership should be made by the Standing Committee referring where necessary to the Safeguarding lead.  

Any such decisions should be brought to the attention of the full board at the earliest opportunity.


Adopted by the Board of OneBodyOneFaith

9th September 2017

Date for Review: December 2021

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