Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

The UK Government is consulting on vital new rights for trans and non-binary people, they want to make it less intrusive and bureaucratic for trans people to achieve legal recognition of their gender.  This could be a huge step forward for trans equality.  It is crucial that the Government sees trans people and allies coming out in support.

Failure to secure these reforms would not just hold back trans people's rights, it would represent a major setback in our collective efforts to secure LGBT rights and equality.

That's why we are supporting Stonewall’s campaign to come out for Trans equality. As an organisation OneBodyOneFaith has made a submission to the Government and we would like to encourage you, your friends, family and networks to do the same, and show that people across Britain support trans people’s right to be accepted and live free from hate.

You can find out more about Stonewall’s campaign here

You can access the UK Government page here

You can either respond to the full consultation or the simplified version on the Stonewall website.

The closing date for the consultation is 19th October so we have just two weeks to ensure the UK Government hears our views. Please do consider responding.