Easter appeal 2017: Amazing Love resources for reflection

Easter appeal 2017:  Amazing Love resources for reflection

This Holy Week and Easter, we'd like you to join us in making our next project possible.  

We know that people in churches and faith communities across the country are keen to engage more deeply with the theology of sexuality and relationships, of grace, and blessing, and incarnation.  We talk to people of every denomination, and on the fringes of church, who want to have an opportunity to engage with one another, to study together, to feel more confident in exploring and articulating their own faith and conviction.  We know that for some, the faith which has sustained them thus far no longer resonates, and they are seeking fresh understandings.  We want to support and resource people engaged on that journey with a radical and inclusive theology, deeply rooted in the gospel.  

Amazing Love: Theology for Understanding Discipleship, Sexuality and Mission, edited by Andrew Davison, was published by DLT last summer, and sent to every member of the Church of England's General Synod, as well as being given to members of the Church in Wales' Governing Body.  It's also sold in very encouraging numbers to individuals, churches and bookshops across the UK.  

We now want to make the theology of Amazing Love accessible to small groups for reflection, study and discussion.  We believe this will be a powerful  and accessible learning resource which will meet a real need across our churches, right now.  A small group has been meeting to develop the project, and are now in a position to commission work on writing session outlines and producing a series of short films to bring the book's contents alive and to empower people at a local level to begin those discussions, and discoveries.  Diarmaid MacCulloch, a longstanding member of LGCM and enthusiastic advocate for OneBody's emerging work, has kindly offered to front the films, along with Lucy Gorman, who spoke so well from the floor of General Synod, and subsequently in the media.  We are delighted and blessed to have such skilled communicators amongst our membership!

We want to raise £10,000 for to pay for the writing of the materials, film production and associated costs.  We've already had a very generous donation of £1000.  We know our members and supporters are incredibly generous, and we are confident we can raise the remaining £9000 in time to begin work on the project shortly after Easter.  We'd like the resources to be ready by the start of the new academic year in September, and with your support we're confident we can do it. 

You can make an online, secure, gift-aided donation by clicking here.  Your gift will make a real difference, and help us to meet real needs in churches right now.