New research affirms impact of 'loving, joyful, inclusive' Christians at Pride

New research affirms impact of 'loving, joyful, inclusive' Christians at Pride

New research into Christians at Pride events, undertaken with support from Leeds Church Institute, has just been published and should provide encouragement and inspiration - both to those who've worked hard to co-ordinate events around the UK, but also to those considering getting involved next year.  

The research was undetaken by Rev. Anthea Colledge as part of her PhD at Leeds University, and incorporated the experiences of 140 people who took part in a Christians at Pride events this year.  Some of Thea's key finding were:

Reactions to Christians at Pride are overwhelmingly positive.

“The first year I was nervous about the reaction… We offered love and grace and got both back in abundance…. This is the most important thing we do all year.” 

Taking part in Pride is a significant high point in the year for both LGBT+ Christians and allies.

"LGBT+ Christians have just as much need as the rest of the LGBT+ community to march and say we are not ashamed (i.e. proud) to be who we are. So good to be part of the demonstration, affirmation and celebration.”

The reasons that affirming Christians take part in Pride are in line with aims of Pride itself: enjoyment, celebration, protest, visibility, and community.

 “To show solidarity with fellow LGBT+ Christians and to show Christians in non-affirming churches that they are not alone. We are there for them.”  

A one-page summary of the research is available here, and the full report here, or to download here.

If you're interested in organising a Christians at Pride event next year, OneBodyOneFaith can support your with advice, resources and networking.  Get in touch - we'd love to hear from you, and for you to join the growing movement next summer!