Call to Action: General Synod, July 2023

Call to Action: General Synod, July 2023

During a meeting for inclusive Anglican groups, which OneBodyOneFaith participates, there was a significant focus on the LLF process, which is still passing through General Synod.

A representative from the Campaign for Equal Marriage offered to share a message that they will be sending out to their supporters to encourage people to write to their bishops, with a subsequent suggestion that people could also send an encouraging card to their bishops, something more affirming than the densely argued letter they are more used to receiving.

Below is some text you could use, or alternatively you could write your own message. Either way, demonstrating a positive message of affirmation to your Bishop is a good way to get involved with General Synod this month.

Please write to your Bishop(s)

On the Saturday afternoon, 8th July, Synod will receive an update from the three working groups who have been meeting since the vote in February – one group working on the Prayers of Love and Faith, and the others working on Pastoral Guidance and Pastoral Provision. This will be a presentation with questions – not a final vote, which is delayed until November 2023.

The Bishops have been receiving  substantial numbers of emails from those opposed to change, asking them to resist any further liberalisation around same-sex marriage.

We are inviting you to send a short message of encouragement to your Bishop(s), before Synod if possible, expressing your support for the February vote and asking them to stay firm to the majority decision in Synod.

Points you may with to make are:

  • The impact further delay has had on your own personal situation – e.g. discernment, ordination, licensing, marriage . . .
  • The impact it has had on those with whom you are in contact – whether friends or family members hoping to celebrate their marriage with a service in church, or members of your congregation hoping to arrange a service.
  • A reminder that the Prayers of Love and Faith and the general direction of travel was approved by a majority in all three houses in February, and that the Bishops should therefore respect the decision of Synod.
  • Note that what has been approved is a very minimum of what we had hoped for.
  • Add your encouragement and your prayers for them and for the Synod.

Even if you know your Bishop is opposed – please write so they hear your perspective.

Please don’t ‘copy and paste’ to make a standard letter – but make it personal from you.

Thank you.