Write to your bishop and voice your hopes for change

Write to your bishop and voice your hopes for change

Reach for the Basildon Bond, log onto Outlook - we need your help!

We need to make sure your voice is heard as a series of critical meetings of the House of Bishops of the CofE take place over the next few weeks.  Whether or not you're Anglican yourself, if you live in England, this is your church.  Our bishops really need to know that you're on the side of inclusion, compassion and justice.  The time is now and we've all the information you need to make a difference.

If you want to write but don't know where to start, we're here to help.  We've prepared a handy guide which you can find here, which includes:

  • the background - the story so far
  • why this is such a critical time - why we need you to write now
  • what to write - how to tell your story effectively
  • some helpful research to help you explain to your bishop why change needs to happen
  • and a complete list of bishops' names and contact details.

It would be fantastic if you could write in the next 72 hours - the first meeting begins on Tuesday 22nd November - but the guidance includes a note of all the forthcoming bishops' meetings, so you have a little longer if you need it.  We'd also like you to send a copy of your letter to the email address on the guidance, and it would be grand if you could let us have a copy of any response you receive.

Your voice WILL make a difference, and now's the time to act.  You may be sure that those opposed to change, who feel that even the current position is too generous, will be urging their supporters to write in numbers; we need to balance that postbag with the voices of inclusion, justice and love.