Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Lisa-Jayne grew up in Guildford attending Emmanuel Church, Stoughton, becoming a Christian at the age of 14. After a short-term mission in Uganda she moved to the USA in 2000 where she began attending church with The Salvation Army at the Dorchester (Jubilee House) Corps in Massachusetts. Lisa-Jayne worked for several years with The Salvation Army in Boston including working as a youth worker with children and teens in one of Boston's toughest neighbourhoods, Disaster Relief Chaplain on site at the World Trade Center following the attacks of September 11th and as part of the Gulf Coast Logisitcs Management Team following Hurricane Katrina and then went on to study and become an officer at their training school in New York, she graduated and was ordained in 2005. 

Moving back to the UK, Lisa-Jayne has worked in the fields of marketing, communications and fundraising with a number of faith-based and secular charities and currently works at St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford. Alongside all of this she has found a way to indulge her passion for broadcasting and European music as she has worked as a writer and broadcaster at the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, having been a fan of the show since 1992, she also spent two years broadcasting with BBC Radio Oxford as part of the Kat Orman morning show and is often called on to contribute to TV and radio shows across Europe as a ‘Eurovision expert’, though maintains she is nowhere near as geeky about it all than some of her Eurovision chums!

Lisa-Jayne is openly bi/pansexual and is very passionate about bringing more voices of bisexual Christians into the conversation and help the church (and society) to understand more about what it means to be bisexual. She still identifies as an Evangelical Christian (just!) and desires to see, not only cross-denominational dialogue on sexuality but also multi-faith conversations too. 

Aside from all of this Lisa-Jayne loves to be creative, she enjoys sewing and cooking and is never happier than when she is travelling to new countries and discovering new cultures, art and music (something she has very much enjoyed about her work with Eurovision). Catch her on Twitter @LJL_77 or Instagram @lisajayne_77, both of which reveal her age!