Announcing our extraordinary allies: the 2016 LGCM Rainbow List

Announcing our extraordinary allies:  the 2016 LGCM Rainbow List

We are proud and delighted to announce LGCM's Rainbow List 2016 - the people our friends and supporters have nominated, and those who want to stand alongside us in their public, visible support for LGBT people in and beyond the churches.   Our nominees come from a huge range of backgrounds, across the UK and further afield.  Some have been quietly working away for decades, others have simply found themselves in a position where they can no longer stand aside and watch the people they care about being discriminated against, devalued and dismissed.  

These are people who share our values - love, compassion, justice, equality and a passionate commitment to the gospel.  They are people who see no conflict between the words of Jesus and the loving relationships of people of the same sex.  They want to see change and transformation - so that individuals know that they are loved unconditionally by God for who they are, and the whole church can declare with confidence and integrity that the good news of Christmas is good news for everyone, without exception.

So here are those wonderful people.  Thank you, every one of you.  We will look forward to seeing you at a special reception at Westminster on Valentine's Day next year - the evening before the Church of England debates sexuality in General Synod.  We are proud and honoured to call you our friends - and we are delighted that you want to be named on our Rainbow List.

Name   Brief Bio
Howie  Adan Head of Multi Faith Chaplaincy, Heathrow
Sophie  Agrell Member of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow
April  Alexander  
Revd Colin  Alsbury Stands on the side of love, justice and inclusion
Anthony  Archer  Member, General Synod 
Erika  Baker Changing Attitude Bath and Wells
Laura Baker Passionate that LGBTQ+ people must be included, respected and loved in the church
Phillip  Baldwin High profile young LGBT and HIV positive Christian activist
John  Bamford Founding member of LGCM, teacher and musician
Revd Sue  Barclay Anglican Priest
Dr Stephen  Barclay Medical Doctor
Elaine  Bardwell Stands up for all gay members of the church
Revd Dr Ellen Marie  Barrett First openly gay priest to be Ordained in the Anglican Communion in The Episcopal Church of America. Co-chair of Integrity when it was founded
Revd Dr  Christina Beardsley  Priest and retired healthcare chaplain
Wyn Beynon Member, General Synod 
Revd Kate Bottley Enthusiastic marcher and preacher at London Pride 2016
Revd Vivien  Brooks Proud to be allowed to be on this list
Rev Sarah  Brough   
Revd Nick  Bundock and the PCC of St James and Emmanuel, Didsbury, diocese of Manchester
Nick  Burr  
Revd Alan  Chidwick Would hate to be missed off the list!
Paul  Clevett LGBT Group, St John the Bapist Church, Hillingdon
Revd Nick  Collison Methodist Presbyter and (ex) NHS Hospital Chaplain
Rev Kara Cooper Methodist chaplain, Lancaster University
John  Cornwall  
Revd Robert Cotton Holy Trinity and St Mary's Guildford 
Rev Rory  Dalgliesh  Methodist chaplain, York University
Revd Bryony  Davis, holy::ground Woking Providing safe and inclusive space, Guilford Diocese
Revd Ginni  Dear Stands alongside all those who fight against injustice and exclusion of any description
Shaun Dellenty Activist and educator
Andrew Dotchin Vicar of Felixtowe
Revd Duncan  Dormor Dean of St John's College within the University of Cambridge and Collaborator, Amazing Love: Theology for Understanding Discipleship, Sexuality and Mission.
Stephen  Dove Christ Church, North Ely
Luke Dowding Bloomsbury Baptist Church, and co-leader of the Soho Gathering
Very Revd Dr Jonathan  Draper  Dean of Exeter Cathedral
Richard and Matt  Edwards Happily married gay couple, churchwarden and treasurer at St Paul's in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham
Margaret  Evans Co-convenor of Birmingham Changing Attitude group. Proud parent of LGB children who are also confirmed and committed Christians
Revd Ian Fellows  
Revd Dr Janet  Foggie Passionate about equality and working for an inclusive church
Robin Fox  
Fr. John-Francis  Friendship Just celebrated 10 years in a Civil Partnership. Presides at thanksgiving Services for Civil Partnerships
Jennifer  Furphy Wants everyone to be accepted as part of the Body of Christ
Karen  Gardiner York.
Justin Gau  Pump Court Chambers
Revd Mary Gilbert St Paul’s Church in the Jewellery Quarter
Pamela  Gold Opentable@StJohns URC Warrington. Facilitator and previous Co-convenor of the Evangelical Fellowship for LGBT Christians. Ordained Elder in the United Reformed Church
Greenbelt Festival   Affirming the lives, loves, stories and gifts of LGBT people since 1975
Revd Dr Rich  Hainsworth Deanery of Mold, in the Church in Wales
Rosemary  Hannah Member of St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow
Imogen  Hanvey  
Revd Canon Dr Alan  Hargrave  
Rev Canon Rosie Harper Long and effective collaborator on LGTBI justice projects and ventures
Shirley  Harrison   
Warren  Hartley Co-founder, Open Table, Liverpool
Julie  Hawksworth  
Fr. David  Hill St. John the Evangelist, Upper St Leonards in the Diocese of Chichester
Tim  Hind General Synod, Bath and Wells diocese
Sally  Hitchiner Founder of Diverse Church
Ian  Hunter Smart Diocese of Durham and Leeds. Member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Rev Mike Jones Changing Attitude Trawsnewid Agwedd Cymru steering group
Simon Jones Baptist minister in London
Sean Jones QC 11 King's Bench Walk
Nick  Jones Rector of an inclusive local parish church
Jennifer  Joyce-Hood Hospital Chaplaincy Manager and Stonewall Healthcare Champion, Manchester Diocese 
Revd Martin Kelly  
Bryan  Kerr  Greyfriars Parish Church, Lanark, Church of Scotland
Revd Prebendary Tony  Kyriakides  
Revd Andrew  Law Shares the passion for an inclusive, expansive love, justice and peace
Iain Lee Broadcaster 
Lisa-Jayne Lewis Broadcaster, Cheltenham
Delyth  Liddell and Nic and Gweni Organised first faith tent at Pride Cymru in 2015. Delyth is a Methodist Minister and Co-Founder of The Gathering, Cardiff
Peter Leonard Canon Missioner at Portsmouth Cathedral and General Synod
Andrew Lightbown Rector of Winslow, Bucks
Little rainbow-esque cakes   
Revd Dr Joel  Love Blesses same-sex couples after their civil marriage
David  Lucas Stands with anyone who experiences that type of exclusion
Revd Prof. Diarmaid  MacCulloch Professor of the History of the Church, University of Oxford, longstanding member of LGCM, broadcaster
Revd Eva  McIntyre Worcester Diocese
Hugh  Malyan  
Charmion  Mann Former member of General Synod and present at the inauguration of Stonewall
Jeremy  Marks Founder of Courage
Andy  Marshall Portsmouth. LGCM Trustee, Stonewall Leadership Programme.
Lee Marshall Chief of Staff, Church of England Pensions Board; Co-founder of Stonewall; Trustee of StandUp Foundation and Ditch the Label; named 12th most influential LGBT Executive in 2016 by the Telegraph and was included on the Pride Power List 2016
Revd Andy  McMullon Believes that the Church of England should offer to both bless and conduct same-sex marriages
David  Moloney Editorial Director at DLT Books
Sarah  Molyneux-Hetherington "Wants this list to be as long as humanly possible."
Ian  Morgan Archdeacon of Suffolk
Canon Barry  Naylor Retired. Former Changing Attitude trustee, Conducted Eve of Pride Liturgies at Leicester Cathedral
Ron  Newsham  Supporter of Changing Attitude, Inclusive Church and LGCM
Rev John Nugent Minister at Wick St Fergus Church of Scotland
Anna Norman-Walker Canon Chancellor, Exeter Cathedral
Shaun O'Brien  
Revd Bertrand  Olivier All Hallows by the Tower, London
Jayne Ozanne General Synod, diocese of Oxford
Canon Jeremy  Pemberton  
Wendy  Quill Privileged to attend a church that welcomes LGBT people 
Liz  Ratcliffe Deeply held belief that God's love is for everyone - no strings attached - and a passion for building an inclusive church
Ann Reddecliffe Church warden from Leicester; 'campaigning for LGBTQ inclusion in the church'
Revd Jeanette  Roberts Out and proud vicar of the Ryburn Benefice, Leeds Diocese
Revd Dr Nicholas  Roberts  
Canon Ian  Robinson Stands for love, justice and inclusion
Keith Rogers  
Sally  Rush Lay chaplain at Aston University, Birmingham
Karl  Rutlidge  Outcome committee member, runs sessions on trans issues, set up LGBT and social justice groups in Birmingham
Susanna Rynehart Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP
Francis Sanders Feels that the Church of England should be about love, tolerance and inclusivity
Jo  Saunders Proud to support Lesbian and Gay Christians, beloved children of God, in their quest for love, justice and truth
Ann and Marika  Savage-Lewis Spent the past 30 years working for inclusivity and justice in the Anglican Church, both in England and Wales
Kevin Scott Affirms and celebrates LGBTi people in his congregation and community
Jane  Sherwin  
Sisters of the Community of St John the Divine in Birmingham  
Kevin  Skippon Has always found support, acceptance and encouragement in all the places he has ministered
Patrick Sturges Wishes to make his belief crystal clear in his whole-hearted support of and obedience to John 13:34-35
Bob  Stoner  
Julia  Taylor  
Helen  Trotter  Barrister, Kings Chambers
Revd Dan  Tyndall The Parish of St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol
Raluca  Vetor   
Liza  Waller Tunbridge Wells
David  Warrington Welcoming and affirming Baptist minister
Revd Leonora  Wassell  Leeds & Harrogate
West Herts and Borders LGBT Christian Fellowship  Monthly group of LGBT families with young children, supportive local ministers, students, retired people, people who identify as LGBT and those who don't, people who identify as Christian and those who don't - with a whole mix of denominational backgrounds
Revd Des  Williamson Stands against narrow minded victimisation
Nancy  Wood  
Revd Dr Simon  Woodman Co-minister of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, Co-founder of the 'Bloomsbury Set'
Ian  Yemm University Coordinating Chaplain at the University of the West of England in Bristol; LGCM Trustee; Member of General Synod; Spiritual Director and Campaigner

The tiny small print:  we've tried our very best to make sure we included everyone who was nominated for the List, and we've had a wonderful time reading your submissions and stories.  If you don't see a name here that you were expecting, it probably means we haven't been able to contact the person with the details you gave us (there are a handful of those), or a few people felt that being publically named might compromise work they're currently undertaking.  We completely understand this - especially for clergy, who aren't always clear how far they are permitted to support and affirm LGBT people and their relationships.  

Some of the people on this list identify as LGBTQI+;  most but not all would identify as Christian.  Our List is open to anyone who stands aside us in our work, because we believe you don't need to be gay, or Christian, to share our values and our passion.

If you have any queries at all, please do contact us using the from here.