Members are at the heart of everything that we do – they provide us with our voice and our passion.

They're an increasingly diverse group of people – gay straight, married, single, bi, queer, questioning, ministers, attenders, seekers, people who are moving towards God, people who are moving away from God, young and older, women, men, transmen and transwomen, Christian, Quaker, Catholic, evangelical, Methodist, Jewish, Muslim, people who don't recognise themselves in any of these labels, who are clinging to faith by their fingertips, but who share our vision…..

Have we convinced you there's a place for you in OneBody?

Because if you share our commitment to love, faith and justice…

…if you can say 'yes' to our Statement of Conviction
…if you want to play a part in OneBody's future…
…if you're able to make a commitment to support our Movement financially…

then we'd love you to join us.

Annual membership costs just £45 if you're waged, £60 for a couple and £16 if you're unwaged. You can choose to make a one-off payment or set up a monthly, quarterly or annual direct debit. You can read our Membership Policy here.

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The following information is all optional, but it helps is to understand our membership and plan our activities more effectively if we know a bit more about you. We never share this information within anyone outside OneBodyOneFaith.

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