Evaluation of the year and Annual General Meeting - (Birmingham) LGBT Christian Gathering

When: Saturday, 23 Feb 2019 3:00PM  |  Where: Birmingham

I'd like as many people as possible to attend so that we are well represented as we make decisions about how we develop. 

It would be great to see as many you as possible at this meeting which will be a review of how we are doing and a chance to plan what happens next. 

Some members have asked the question about if we are needed as there are a growing number of inclusive places available to us in Birmingham. 

The AGM part of the meeting will be very short - after which we will focus on feedback and decision making for how we go forward.   There has been a reduction in people attending and we want to  make sure that we remain relevant and fully evaluate these areas:

1) Are we still needed as an organisation? 

2) If so, who does the group serve?  

3) How can we plan to meet the needs of those existing members who want to continue to meet? 

4) Are we seeking to reach new people?

5) If so how do we do that?

6) Who will do the admin and organisation?